There’s a Propeller to fit your agency or brokerage.

Fully customize Propeller for your bonding needs.

As your FREE bolt-on surety department, we’ll streamline all of your surety bonds needs whether it’s Contract, Commercial or Fidelity bonding. Below are just a few examples of what you’ll gain by partnering with us!


For Carriers

  • We handle distribution, underwriting, billing and issuance
  • Add additional products to your offering
  • No upfront costs, we manage sales and policy management

For Agencies

  • Grow your GWP numbers
  • Earn extra commission
  • Provide extra services to your clients without effort

Access to appx. 7,000 bonds including some of the industry’s most popular products below.

Contract Bonds


Performance Plus Program: Credit-based underwriting up to $1MM

Contractor's Pre-qualification Letters

Bid Bonds

Performance & Payment Bonds

Subdivision Bonds

Fidelity Bonds



Business Services

Employee Dishonesty

Commercial Bonds


INSTANT License and Permit

Notary bonds

BMC84 Program

Oil & Gas Program

Auto Dealer Bonds
(credit-based underwriting)

Mortgage Bonds

And with Propeller Solutions, we offer even more!

PS 4.44.25 PM 8.59.51 AM

Oil & Gas Speciality Underwriting


Plugging & Abandonment and Performance & Payment for oilfield contractors

Large Account Underwriting & Service


Capacity up to $100 million aggregate with monthly invoicing.

Mortgage Brokers/Lenders, Money Transmitters, Collection Agencies, and Contractors with wide and varying License and Permit obligations

Program Business for Various Industries

Private Equity Business


Collateralized Deals

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