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"I have been a believer in Aaron Steffey and the Propeller Bonds team since its infancy. When you get down to the dollar and cents of running a full scale surety operation, it just makes sense. Not only is it cost effective to place our transactional surety and other non-core surety business through this platform, it frees us up to provide the exceptional high-touch customer service that our customers have come to expect from us. Further, it allows us to reinvest more time and team expertise into how we grow strategically as a firm. It's a win-win!"

- Matthew Morrison, Surety Risk Advisor, Hylant

Propeller automates the entire process for customers, agents and obligees, changing how you buy and sell surety bonds forever.


Hassle free

Instead of wasting time with paper forms, long approval processes, and clunky communications with underwriters, clients can complete the whole process online, in an instant.

No effort

Propeller eliminates the slog of manual processing you’d normally need to do to earn commission. Propeller gets you paid simply by allowing your client base access to the Propeller portal.

Zero Delays

Your client simply enters their details and reviews the quote. As soon as they accept the terms and enter their payment details the bond is issued.

Quality care

As an agency partner, our team of surety experts will work alongside you and your clients to help facilitate processes and answer commonly asked questions. Our goal is to ensure the absolute best service is provided from start to finish.

Market Access

Our platform offers full access to top surety insurance carriers’ products while acting as a lead-generation tool for your business with our no-touch, bond issuance process for clients.

The Propeller Process

Building and implementing the technology behind a new automated bond underwriting platform is complex, but the Propeller team has done all the hard work — so you, and your clients, don’t have to.

Step one

Your client can access the portal, selects the bond they want, and upload any information needed.

Step two

Your client submits the application for instant approval.

Step three

Your client pays by credit or debit card.

Step four

The policy is issued, and the policy document is emailed to your client instantly.

Step five

Monthly, your agency is paid commission via Propeller.

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Thank you! Love doing business with you guys. Awesome response, quick response, answer all my questions. Just a great place to be! Don’t have many mistakes, but when I do you guys are always on it! Thank you so very much!

Lyle H.

Simple, easy and to the point.

Paul G.

All bonds are fast issue!

Mario R.

Spectacular company, easy-to-use products, available in all 50 states and have been a great solution for every single bond I've thrown their way!

Jason R.

Propeller Bonds is super easy to work with and a true no-brainer. Use them!

Tom Q.

Great product maximizing effectiveness through excellent technology.

Jamie D.

Propeller has already made an impact! When deciding what platform (surety direct or otherwise), we automatically consider Propeller now - it is top of mind!

Alicia G.

Your approach to issuing small commercial surety bonds online and via email is excellent and has been very well received by clients. Further, it has streamlined our work in that space, freeing up capacity for our larger and complex cases.

Jonathan M.

I love the ease of the system - that I can issue bonds on behalf of the client or send them a link and have them do it. I love that you have thousands of bonds in your database. I feel comfortable talking to a client across the country because you probably have the bond form that they need.

Beverly S.

I can say working with Propeller Bonds and their entire team has been a great experience for us and our clients. From litigation to construction and everything in between, they are easy and effective!

Caleb M.

This is what swinging at solutions vs. swinging at nails looks like.

Ken F.

The Propeller quote system is so easy to use & I was able to issue one already at a much better price than the current surety I also use. This will be a great option for my Agency for bonds!

Douglas H.

You are doing a magnificent job!

Juan A.

Representatives were very helpful when I needed to make changes to my certificate!

LaSandra Y.

The ability to update/amend a bond without having to ask Underwriting is great! Also the ability to have a portal to see all bond purchases and their expiration dates, etc.

Jonathan P.

Responsiveness of the team when we have questions is fantastic!

Jennifer C.

Everything has been excellent! Hope you can maintain your level of service, in consideration of your impressive growth. We’re pulling for you!

Jonathan M.

Thank you. That was a piece of cake! ☺️

Jenn R.

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